Dryer Balls - Hand Made With Premium New Zealand Wool - Set of 4 With Free Reusable Gift Bag


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Dryer Balls by Vita for Home

Your Search for Soft, Wrinkle Free Clothes Without the Waste and Chemicals of Dryer Sheets Is Over.

Purchase Vita's Dryer Balls today, and here's what you can expect. When your shipment arrives, admire the beautiful, reusable cotton drawstring gift bag that makes the perfect way to store and gift these laundry gems.

Notice Vita's hand made, unbleached New Zealand 100% wool that is free of chemicals. When you use dryer sheets you and your family may be coating your clothes and skin with a thin film of artificial and toxic chemicals. Using our 4-pack of balls to your drying cycle instead will soften your family's laundry, reduce wrinkles, static, and drying time without adding toxic chemicals.

Here's how it works...Vita's Dryer Balls soak up 30% of their weight in water. As your laundry dries, the wool balls gently fluff, and evenly distribute humidity in the dryer to ensure less wrinkles. The balls also separate and pull apart wet clothes in the dyer, letting more hot air move in and around your laundry. This reduces drying time. Check out our testimonials below that mention taking up to 20 minutes off a cycle time!

By bouncing amongst your clothes, reducing friction and absorbing the evaporated water out of the dryer more efficiently, your family's clothes will naturally be softer after using Vita's dryer balls, without the toxic chemicals and waste you get with dryer sheets.

Why Choose Vita...Our dryer balls are hand felted with no fillers from 100% premium New Zealand Wool with love and care by Nepalese women - each purchase you make contributes to their livelihood, medical care, and better quality of life. Our 4-pack makes the ideal gift with its beautiful reusable drawstring storage bag.

Dryer Balls 

Wool Dryer Balls

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